We Treat Them Like They Are Ours!


24/7 TLC


There is plenty of space at our west facility and its growing. The facility was built in the 1960's, and offered 114 indoor/outdoor kennel runs. Of course this is when there was little concern of where or how your animal was boarded. That's all changed today, we demolioshed the prebuilt 60's tiny 3x3 kennels and built our own cumstom fabricated larger kennels.  We offer the largest space available for the lowest cost in town, you will be happy to know your pup is getting plenty of attention, exceptional care and staying in a very spacious space.


Tours Are Available Tuesday- Thursday

Facility Advantages

  • 2 Indoor Playgrounds
  • 1 Outdoor Playground
  • 1 Indoor/Outdoor Secured Playground
  • 1 acre field
  • All Securely Covered Kennels
  • Largest Kennel Space In Town
  • Web Cam Access
  • On site Staff 24/7

We Provide

Parents Provide

  • Food (we offer food @ $2 a feeding)
  • Toys, treats and anything else you want them to have. We do NOT allow rawhide treats or toys. 
  • Your welcome to bring bedding, but we caution against it, as with daily bedding changes it can get misplaced during laundry.